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Reading against the downturn

Sunday, 5. April 2009



(E) A book is always an item of the past. The moment it gets published you know that it only contains old information. On the other hand: since even the highest paid analysts failed embarrasingly to make meaningful predections we might as well read books about WHY this crisis could happen. And maybe we get some hints and a little bit of guidance for the future. But certainly some useful ammunitions for fierce discussions about the current economic climate. Three recommendations.



Obama-mania day 1: Darth W. Vader is history

Wednesday, 21. January 2009


(E) The correlation between Barack Obama and George W. Bush is a little bit like Luke Skywalker vs. Darth Vader in Star Wars. While Mr Obama is currently the focal point of the hopes of the world for a better future, former president Bush is one of the – let’s put it like that – least prefered politicians in the world. Who sneaked out of office like the literal guilty feeling, what was very funny to follow.