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Frank Stronach: Magna-Boss & Opel-Hero but difficult perception in Austria

Sunday, 31. May 2009



(E) Yesterday the news were finally announced: the Canadian-Austrian autoparts maker Magna will – together with a consortium of other companies – take over the legendary German car manufacturer Opel. Austrian borne Magna-founder Frank Stronach was personally involved in the negotiations and made it to hero of the day in the German public. A role he not always plays in the Austrian perception.



Week 1 Post-Krugman-Hubbub

Thursday, 23. April 2009



(E) It was about one week ago that Paul Krugman – winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics, University Professor,  famous NY-Times columnist  and author of several books (eg. “The Return of Depression Economics & the Crisis of 2008″)  – expressed his personal opinion that Austria might go bankcrupt because of the heavy credit involvement in Eastern European countries.



Back from Thailand

Wednesday, 3. December 2008



(E) You know that you are back in good old and save Austria when you read the daily yellow press newspaper “Oesterreich” ( On Saturday during the first breakfast after coming back from siege-struck Thailand I read this dadaistic headline: “Ruecken als Volkskrankheit Nummer 1″ – i.e. (sic!) : “Back the widespread disease number 1″.  Meaning: the anatomic part of the human body aka dorsum itself is the “disease no. 1″ – not “backpain”…